Best Publishing Companies for Lawyers – All Roads Lead to KDP Select

If you’re a writer new to self publishing, it can be confusing to be confronted with so many self publishing outlets – and a lot of new writers get stuck here trying to figure out which of the self publishing platforms are best for their needs. Reedsy has an article on the best publishing companies, but this article is about KDP Select.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has been in existence since 2007 and offers writers a unique way to get their work published – and listed on the Amazon marketplace, one of the most powerful booksellers in the world. 

If you’re a writer with something to say, there are plenty of good reasons why you should choose Amazon KDP Select as your chosen self publishing platform. 

Here’s more about the pros and cons of KDP Select compared – and why it could be the right choice for publishing your next book. 

Pro: KDP Select gives you instant access to thousands of readers. 

KDP Select gives you instant access to thousands of readers through Amazon – and this is exposure that almost no other self publishing company will give you right off the bat. Alternatively, you can also show your work through the Lending platform, which allows for people to borrow your Kindle book – and this just increases the amount of people who see your work. 

Even though KDP Select might ask for exclusive rights to your work, this is by no means a bad thing when taking into account the sheer amount of exposure that signing up can bring your work if you’re a new author or one looking to breath new life into your work. 

Pro: KDP Select isn’t a hard platform to use. 

Ten or twenty years ago, self publishing was a lot harder – and you practically needed a degree in graphic design to approach formatting for print. But today, things are a lot easier. One of the great factors of KDP Select is the fact that it allows you to format and upload the book directly to the platform, and there are handy guides available that take you through every step of the publishing process from there. 

If you have any questions or things you aren’t sure about (and a lot of authors new to self publishing do!), tech support is right there to ask or you’ll definitely find the answer in one of the handy guides. 

Pro: KDP Select lets you control aspects like the cover. 

KDP Select gives you total control over many aspects of the publishing process. This is undeniable power for you if you’re a self published author. Aspects like page size and cover art are all up to you when publishing through KDP Select, and these are all things that your publisher would have been in control of should you have opted to do through a traditional publishing house. 

Pro: KDP Select offers publishing in both paperback and e-book varieties of your book.

KDP Select started out as exclusively for e-books, but later the system branched out to also include the publication of print books. Whether you want to see your book in print or showcased on online platforms instead, the KDP Select system will let you do just that – and this makes it one of the most powerful self publishing platforms for 2020, because it’s something a lot of other platforms just can’t give you. 

Con: KDP Select asks for exclusive rights – but it’s not always a bad thing.

When you list your work through the KDP Select platform, you’re granting Amazon exclusive rights to that copy of the book while it’s listed. This sounds like a drawback for anyone who wants total control, but it’s a fantastic way to get more people to see your work, and it still ends up paying better when your work sells than many royalty contracts from a traditional outlet.